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Which ink should I use?
Each Noris-Color GmbH ink is specially formulated for use in specific applications. When choosing an ink you should consider several important factors:
  1. Surface being marked
  2. Dry time required
  3. Marking device being used to make the impression
  4. Temperature of marking surface and the environment in which you are marking
  5. Any special requirements your application calls for (i.e. solvent resistance, etc.)

You can search for inks in our interactive product catalog or fill out an ink inquiry and our ink experts will be happy to make a recommendation for you.
What's the difference between porous and non-porous?
Porous surfaces are absorbent (i.e. paper, uncoated cardboard, cotton textiles, etc.). Inks for porous surfaces dry by absorption into the material on which is marked. They are often water or oil based.

Non-porous surfaces do not absorb liquid (i.e. metal, plastic, etc.). Inks for non-porous surfaces dry by evaporation and are usually alcohol based.
Why is my ink drying out in the ink pad?
Two common reasons your ink may be drying out in your pad are:
  1. It hasn't actually "dried out," rather you have "run out" of ink and need to replenish the ink pad with more ink.
  2. The solvent has evaporated. This is more common for fast-drying inks since they dry by evaporation both on the surface you are marking and in your ink pad. You need to rejuvenate your pad with either more ink or thinner to remoisten it.
Why do I have to shake my ink? / Why is my ink separated in the bottle?
Ink should be shaken to maintain the integrity of the mixture and assure consistent viscosity. This is especially true for pigment inks as pigments are not dissolved in the solvent and will settle down after some time.
How do I remove the ink?
It is always easiest to remove ink immediately after it's been applied.
The longer it is allowed to dry, the more difficult it will be to remove.

Removing ink from a porous surface (paper, boxes) is often not possible because the ink is absorbed by the marking surface. Try using the ink's cleaner as soon as possible to remove your mark.

For non-porous surfaces, the best method is to use the thinner/cleaner that is made for your ink. These are formulated specifically to work with the ink you're using and will provide the best results.

We can recommend you to use Noris 110 RX cleaning spray for all our inks.
How much ink do I need?
This is a difficult question to answer with any certainty. A wide variety of factors will determine how much ink you'll need including how many impressions you're making, what type of ink you're using (water based, alcohol based, etc.) the temperature in which you're marking, your method of marking and ink pad being used, etc.
How long will my ink last?
Guaranteed shelf life of inks is 1 year.
Shelf life is influenced by many factors as for example storage conditions.
Please ask our staff for detailed information.
Which ink meets my required specifications?
Are there inks conforming to international regulations?
Noris supplies inks for various applications, surfaces and conditions.
Our interactive product catalog in 23 languages can be found here.  It includes ink recommendation by choosing the matching application.

Noris has inks complying with diverse laws/regulations and specification. The most common ones are listed under certifications.

To ask for an ink recommendation, please use our contact page or our inquiry form.
Shipping worldwide available? How do I place my order?
Shipping to most countries worldwide is available. To offer you the fastest and most convenient service please check for a Noris distributor in your country here.

All Noris items can be ordered by phone, fax, or email.
Contact information is listed here

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